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Contract Law

Agreements & Contracts




Yes, we are Scottish Solicitors but our focus is on the service we provide to you the client, and the positive roll we take when dealing with the other parties to your work.

Whether you are looking for review of your lease or require an agreement to be drafted and recorded, we can help. You may not have noticed, but contracts are abound in our day to day lives, and sometimes a little bit of help is needed when reading the small print – or for that matter when drawing up the small print.


Aaen Peach provides a full range of advice in this area including:

  • Security & Finance

  • Minute Agreements

  • Floating Charges

  • Banking Facilities

  • Restrictive or Securing contracts

  • Back letters & Leases

  • Inventories


Working closely and being referred by fellow professionals year on year does not happen by chance. Being referred to instruct Aaen Peach happens as a direct result of the hard work and commitment by ourselves and your other Professional Advisers and Agents. The market conditions and pressures dictate that we must all work closer together to ensure that any issues that arise are tackled and solutions found.

Our proactive and inclusive working methods are key to the continued service standards offered to all clients, business partners and introducers alike. By managing and capping the work loads, home visits, by providing direct dial telephone numbers and a personal service we are able to progress our clients interests and avoid the need for the all to common call center mentality. As Solicitors, the advice we provide doesn’t fit in a typical box and it doesn’t sit well being mass produced. Each and every client has their own questions, concerns, reasons and motivations. Our drive here at Aaen Peach is to undertake our clients’ negotiation and complete the contract or deed with our clients’ very own criteria and particular instructions.

Legal advice will always be a personal interaction. The law can be the more constant of the factors to consider but there will always be debate, differing point of view and individuals and firms eager to the challenge. Our job is to provide clarity to our clients’ questions; provide certainty in our advice; and provide protection in our deeds and contracts. With the help of our business partners Aaen Peach are in enviable position to draw on the best professionals from the fields of property, finance, taxation, welfare and health to secure our clients’ position.