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Aaen Peach Review 27

Aaen Peach Review Aaen Peach Review Aaen Peach Review

I knew as soon as i telephoned Aaen Peach that I had made the right choice of Solicitors. The receptionist (think her name was xxx), was very polite and passed me through to xxx who talked me though the process of buying. Thereafter she took the necessary details to submit an offer for a property on my behalf. Catherine acted as a ‘middleman’ negotiating the best possible deal for me with my offer. She frequently phoned to keep me updated and after my offer was accepted she passed me to my Solicitor (xxx). xxx talked me through all the legal implications of ‘concluding missives’ without having loan papers so i took his advice and decided to wait until loan papers came through before going any further with my purchase. Unfortunately as i was purchasing a repossesed property the Solicitors at the otherside would not wait for my loan papers to come through and withdrew their offer to sell to me. Although I was terribly upset at losing the property, I appreciated the advice
given and took it on board, as otherwise i could have been sued by the other Solicitor for not proceeding with my purchase on the agreed entry date. To my surprise i was not charged for this work carried out. Aaen Peach’s attitude was that they knew they gave me good advice and a good service and when i find another property they are confident they will get my business. They can be sure of that, i would have no hesitation in phoning them again. Thanks for all the help and advice given, especially xxx and xxx.

Name: S Durnan
Email Address: XXXXXXXXX
Transaction with Aaen Peach: Proposed Purchase (although fell through)
Review: Glasgow

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Aaen Peach Review Aaen Peach Review Aaen Peach Review