Sunday, June 11, 2017 01:03

Aaen Peach Review 116

I used Aaen Peach when purchasing my last house. I had been unsatisfied with the service my previous solicitor and went with Aaen Peach on recommendation from my Estate Agent. I was very pleased with the outcome overall. However, there were a number of areas where I was particularly impressed.

All the issues that I had with my previous solicitor (problems making contact, time taken to complete tasks, office closing for lunch!) were not an issue with Aaen Peach. I was kept up to date with all developments and was always able to speak to someone when I called. I work full time, have a very busy home life and struggle to work around someone elses schedule. I had some initial reservations about the office being in Glasgow and not convenient to my location but this was never a problem. When the time came to sign papers Aaen Peach came to me.

I would definitely use your services again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

Name: L Machnik
Email Address: XXXXXX
Transaction with Aaen Peach: Home Purchase
Review: West Lothian

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